Managing the estate of a loved one can be one of life’s most difficult challenges.  Chris and Amy Losquadro at Quantum are ready to help with that that responsibility by assisting you with the management and sale of your inherited real estate or property held by the estate or in trust.  As you review our website you will see that we are highly experienced with inherited properties & probate real estate having the ability to assist with both the marketing and management of all types of residential and commercial properties. 

Whether you are a family member, guardian, personal representative, trust officer or probate / estate attorney, by using our services and working together.  We can ease some of that burden and help get that residential home or commercial property in a position to be ready to sell and get the maximum value possible from the market at this time.

Chris and Amy have extensive experience with inherited properties as well as the probate process and will be your valued resource throughout the entire transaction. Not only can we help with you Florida Probate Real Estate and Inherited Property needs, our team has a significant reach having successfully completed more than $400,000,000 in transactions on hundreds of individual properties. These transactions ranged from less than $200,000 to more than $5 million and extend throughout Florida and in more than 20 states. 

Now is the perfect time to contact us to learn more about who we are and how our services benefit people just like you with their probate real estate and inherited property needs.  To get the process started, contact Chris and Amy Losquadro at 561.584.8555.

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Not only have we worked with heirs & families but a number of the most reputable probate & estate planning law firms, professional guardians, trust companies and global financial institutions.  Our Principal Broker, Chris Losquadro, holds a designation as a CERTIFIED PROBATE REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTS (CPRES) and we has personally sold hundreds of corporate owned, probate and inherited properties throughout the past several years.  Our team has the knowledge, experience and necessary resources to help with all your inherited property needs.  In addition, we have extraordinary marketing capabilities to help maximize the value during the sale of the property. 

WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN INHERITED PROPERTY, ESTATE, TRUST AND PROBATE REAL ESTATE.  No matter the type of the property, its price point, or where it is located, we are your trusted real estate resource throughout the entire process and we will get the job done properly as well as in a timely manner. 


Our firm has an extensive footprint and is able to assist our clients in most major markets nationwide. From residential homes to multi-million dollar estates as well as significant commercial properties, we have personally advised both buyers and sellers on the purchase & sale of hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions not only throughout the State of Florida, but in most major markets nationwide. 

Our network of local area partner brokers is very strong and we have been successfully completing out-of-state transactions with many of these partners for more than 10 years.  Additionally, a member of our Florida team stays involved with the out-of-area transaction every step of the way to ensure that the client is being well served and the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Several of our more significant out-of-area real estate transactions took place in the following states:

New York  |  California  |  Massachusetts  | New Jersey  |  North Carolina

Illinois  |  Virginia   |   Maryland  |Washington  |   Arizona



Figuring out what to do will impact not only yourselves, but also other family members that are heirs in addition to other beneficiaries in the will.  Some may want to keep the property while others may want the cash proceeds upon a sale. These can be difficult decisions that the Personal Representative or Executor will have to face.   There are a number of different options you can take with an inherited property and we find that the most frequently used ones are as follows:

  • Keep the property in the family
  • Rent the property
  • List the property for sale with a traditional real estate agent
  • Donate the property to a non-profit or charitable organization
  • Sell the property “By Owner”
  • Sell the property “As Is” to a wholesaler
  • Hire a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who is experienced in selling inherited properties

To learn more about each of these options as well as other factors in making a decision on what to do with an inherited property, click here to view our “COMPLETE GUIDE ON WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU INHERIT A HOME OR OTHER REAL ESTATE.   This comprehensive guide will outline in detail the above referenced options as well as provide case studies of other inherited property transactions that were managed by Quantum Realty Advisors, Inc. 


Our team does considerably more than just market and sell inherited property and probate real estate.  We have the contacts and resources to help in many different areas and can assist in coordinate the entire process.  Some of our vendors and partners provide the following types of services:

  • Estate Sale Services & Estate Buyers (Contents and Personal Property)
  • Moving and Storage Firms
  • Cleaning & Debris Removal Company
  • Repair Contractors and Handyman Services
  • Landscaping, pool maintenance, and utility management service
  • Professional Referrals including Attorneys, Accountants and Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate & Personal Property Appraisal Service

Whether it is a residential home or commercial investment property, we have the knowledge and ability to successfully management and sell the property.  Contact Chris and Amy today to see how we can help with your inherited property. 


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Our Probate Real Estate and Inherited Property Services are Often Used by:

• Individuals and Families

• Probate, Estate & Trust Law Firms

• Financial Institutions and Trust Companies

• Family Offices

• Professional Guardians

Featured Probate & Inherited Property Transactions


Inherited Property / Probate / Estate Sale   

Quantum represented the seller of this inherited property / estate sale transaction in Willoughby Country Club.  In addition to our marketing services, we coordinated the cleanup of this three-bedroom golf course property as well as cosmetic upgrades to improve marketability.  


Delray Beach Waterfront   

Our team worked with the Trustee of this inherited property / estate sale transaction in eastern Delray Beach, Florida.  Quantum assisted with the initial management, cleanup and minor repair improvements prior to listing the property for sale. 


Oceanfront Condominium – Fort Pierce

Quantum represented the family of this two-level, penthouse oceanfront condominium in Fort Pierce, Florida.   The property was listed and sold in 12 days from the initial listing in the multiple listing service.


North Palm Beach, Florida

The heirs were going to surrender the home to the reverse mortgage lender as it was deemed “underwater”.  After a quick cleanup, Quantum sold this property is just 14 days for $525,000 which resulted in additional funds for the estate. 






“Quantum Realty Advisors is a tremendous partner when dealing with real estate in probate and trust administrations.  They are extremely diligent, provide excellent service and are very reasonable to work with….  I highly recommend working with them.”

Estate Planning Attorney, Palm Beach Gardens

“Amy and Chris assisted in the sale of my mother in laws condo and I cannot say enough of how pleased we were working with them…. although we were never able to meet in person due to the long distance of the sale, I always felt well informed, comfortable and a great understanding of what was happening at all times…  I am so pleased to have worked with Amy and cannot say enough of how happy we are to have had her as a Realtor”.

Inherited Property Seller

“As the attorney for the condominium association which was involved in the sale of a condominium unit, I worked closely with Chris and Amy.  Despite it being a complicated transaction with an out of state seller, Chris and Amy were amazing….  I am looking forward to working with them again.”

Association Attorney – Palm Beach Gardens

For a no obligation initial consultation to see how we can help with your particular real estate need, please contact Chris and Amy Losquadro today at 561.584.8555